Is my website being backed up?

If you currently have a website hosting plan with HSM, yes, you're website is being backed up. As part of our high-speed website hosting we configure backups and restore points for customers twice per day, so should your website be compromised or if you've made a mistake while editing a page on your site, rest assured that we have backups available.

If your website is not on a website hosting plan with HSM we are not responsible for backing up your website. We would recommend that you inquire with your web hosting company to ensure that they are providing you with a routine backup service. If you'd like to learn more about HSM high-speed website hosting solution, please review our solutions page. Our secure server, state-of-the-art caching system, and content delivery network produce lightning-fast page loads worldwide. Are security and having backups a concern? These are the building blocks of our hosting service. We automatically scan for threats and create restore points for all of your files and databases daily.

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